Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update! Character Concept Design

These characters were for a project for my Senior Project and my Adv. Concept Development Class. They come from an original story I created called Gumiho (Korean name for Fix Demon); it tells of a girl who vows revenge at the Fox Demon who killed her family. I was hoping for this to be pre-visualization for a game, but I might rethink that and make it into a story or comic instead. At least I now understand how to make Concept Design easier...

Katsuye: The main character
Masae: The Fox Demon (disguised as Katsuye's sister)

Ruo-Jian: A warrior who helps Katsuye

Jung-Hwa: Katsuye's uncle

Hiromasa: The priest who gave Katsuye's family the spell to summon the Fox Demon
I might redo the character look; the designs are well done. Ah well; critiques are welcome!