Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Thoughts and Graphics Design

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I've been busy with a lot of events and there's been a lot of thinking on my mind since I've last updated. Some of them involving where my career direction would go, about where to find a job, how to get one... my situation is complicated and I honestly do not want to discuss about it. I have other people aiding me, I have been looking all over for jobs, I have been busy...

I'm making up excuses, I know. But I did not stop drawing; I did not stop giving up for trying to find a way to continue my art career.

I do plan to continue drawing and improving on my work; at the same time, I haven't been looking at this blog much since I post on Tumblr for sketching and practices (it's mostly fanart, what the hell am I talking about?).

One thing I plan on doing is to improve on my artwork, especially on redesigning most works I have done when I was a student. I know I have given it all back then. Now I want to improve on my paintings and try again to make sure they actually look better than before.

I have done various graphic design works; some of them I don't want to post up yet until the events happened. I have done some graphic design works in high school; I still work on them today, odd enough.

This one was actually for a karate school logo design; the client wanted a revamp of their logo for their T-Shirt (a black one). Instead of a tiger, they wanted a dragon while retaining the color scheme for the background and style of drawing. This was the first actual graphic design job I took; I am actually happy from the way this turned out!

All of these were done with Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Black and White version

Final version - colored