Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back! With a comic to boot! ...a long post.

Hello, people!

After a long absence and having some issues with home, I'm finally here... about time too.
I'd figure this new layout would not be as busy as the other one I had before

A couple of these images are from my advanced inking class (Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz's faces are those examples; there will be more!) and the other two are the pin-up exercises.

And here are the pin-ups: He-Man and Adventure Time! ...I have not seen Adventure Time except for that gender-bender episode.

If you want to color these images or do anything with them, email me at for permission.

Aside that, I've participated in Generate; it is a 24 hour competition (honestly, I don't think we get anything this year) that has two competitions: create a 24-page comic or redesign 52 DC Characters in homage to the new DC reboot of their series. ...I decided to stick with the 24 comic since I did that two years ago. Hopefully these post up well: Here's what I did (all with a brush pen that's lost its tip): ALL 24 PAGES!!'s a small file. Don't worry.

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