Monday, May 13, 2013

Virgo Concept

It's for a Zodiac Concept Art competition. One of my friends decided to go for Gemini, another for Pisces, another for Aries, and I decided to go for Virgo.

Aaaaaand naturally, we did the concept design process for them, following the guild-lines from the contest; it was a basic version of saying that it needs to represent the sign and the concept that we are doing has to be either character or creature, that the symbolism has to be there, the character represents the sign itself...

The sketches were a bit difficult, seeing as how I wanted to show the Virgo character as a leader who is an introvert, calm, analytic, and cool-headed while trying to present the maiden image.

The next being that I began rendering the character who I thought represented the Virgo most. It took a lot of critiques to make everything look right; and I had to change the dress a couple of times.

And finally came to the colors.

Virgo is an earth sign. And while the earth colors are associated with yellows, browns, and greens, Virgo's colors are associated with blues, yellows, and whites (don't know why; this is astrology). These were the first sets of colors:

...and then here was the final version. Aside bumping up the contrast with the shading and lighting, I also changed her dress color to green. Here is the final version:

I am actually proud of this one. Whew!

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